How To Defeat And Catch Groudon

Although many Pokemon GO players were hoping for a short break from Legendary Battle Raids during the winter months, it seems like Niantic has no intention of slowing down. After Ho-Oh’s appearances faded away, it took practically no time for Groudon to take the bird’s place in the level five Battle Raid spot. Players now […]

Kirakira vs. the world | TechCrunch

Source: Eva Chen on Instagram   “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”— Francis Bacon and/or Lady Gaga Alexia Tsotsis Contributor Alexia Tsotsis is a big nerd who is working on something under the radar. Before this she was at business school and before that she was at […]

This collection features images from one of science’s most influential explorers

In September, publisher Kroncker Wallis Kickstarted its new edition of influential math text Euclid’s Element. The publisher has a new project that’s now funding on the platform: Illustrating Nature: The World Through the Eyes of Alexander von Humboldt is a book that collects the illustrations and notes of one of the world’s greatest scientific explorers. […]

Tamba Hali spent time post-game showing Joey Bosa some pass rushing moves

Game respects game. Football is family, even when you’re on opposing teams and playing in the same division. Nobody showed this better than Tamba Hali on Saturday night. Awesome moment.@TambaHali91 giving @jbbigbear pass rushing tips after the game. #FootballIsFamily — NFL (@NFL) December 17, 2017 The Chiefs beat the Chargers 30-13, but the win […]