We put the Nintendo Labo to the test

The Nintendo Labo is for kids so we took Nintendo’s latest product to its target audience. Our resident toy testers Kasper, Milla, and Guthrie went hands-on with this cool STEM system. They cut, folded, and played for almost an hour and finally gave their rousing review including near perfect scores from each of the judges. […]

Multi-Emote Wheel Revealed – Game Rant

Leading up to the release of Warmind, the second expansion for Destiny 2, Bungie continues to tinker with their formula and reward the players that have stuck by them. Be it increased vault space or the return of bounties from the original Destiny, Bungie seems to be making an effort to give players what they have been asking for […]

Make Toledo change its mascot to Shrek

A simple retweet can make this dream a reality. What’s that you’re thinking? “There’s no way in hell that a major university would change its mascot to Shrek?” Well, my friends, the University of Toledo’s official Twitter account stated that if this gets 500,000 retweets, the university will change its mascot to Shrek — yes, […]