5 reasons to watch Bills vs. Jets on ‘Thursday Night Football’ in Week 8


Folks, it can’t be worse than last week… Right?

After the Chiefs and Raiders gave us one of the best games of the year in Week 7 on Thursday Night Football, we got the poopfest of all poopfests in Week 8 when the Ravens opened a can on the Dolphins. This week will be better. It has to be.

The Bills and Jets are playing, and have both been good this season, to everybody’s surprise. It looked like the Jets were in full tank mode this offseason, and are 4-3 on the season, with a near-win against the Patriots. It’s shocking how close they are to being 5-2.

The Bills on the other hand, are 5-2. Their two losses have both been by six points or less. They might actually be kinda good this season!

Also, I’m sorry for giving you reasons to watch last week. Please forgive me, that was a bad game. Here’s why you should watch this week, though.


LeSean McCoy is up there with Le’Veon Bell as one of the most exciting running backs in the NFL. While Bell is more of a patient runner to a point where you want to yell at your TV before he ultimately breaks free, Shady is more shifty in nature.

Last year against the Jaguars, he made this one jump cut that left two Jaguars defenders reaching for him with no chance.

They looked like cartoon characters who failed spectacularly.

Some of the best plays in sports are the ones that made the opposition look like they don’t even belong on the same field as you. McCoy is one of the talents in the NFL that makes those plays, and the chances are high we see at least one of those plays Thursday night.

Same face, new place

We don’t see tons of in-season trades during the NFL season, and even in the offseason, big names moving around is sparse. Kelvin Benjamin being traded in between Weeks 8 and 9 feels like we’ve gone through an NBA offseason, and we get to see Carmelo Anthony suit up for the Thunder (though that’s not to say Benjamin’s talents are comparable, chill).

The Bills traded Sammy Watkins to the Rams before the season started, so it was surprising to see them pick up Benjamin out of the blue like that.

It seems like just yesterday people were freaking out about him coming into camp overweight, which gave us this amazing tweet:

Twitter can be a good place, sometimes.

Anyway, you should want to check out what Tyrod Taylor is able to do with a new weapon. The Bills offense might be exciting beyond Shady McCoy.

You can actually enjoy the game if you’re colorblind

The last time these two teams met up on a Thursday night, it was a mess. Not because of what happened in the 22-17 Bills win, but because people with red/green colorblindness couldn’t enjoy the game.

The jerseys looked great, but people with red/green colorblindness couldn’t distinguish the two teams.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

This Thursday night, the Bills have changed their uniforms for Color Rush, and will be wearing all white.

The Jets, however, will be looking the same as they did two seasons ago:

Guess we gotta root for the Bills for actually thinking of others!

The Jets play a lot of close games

In their past five games, the biggest margin of victory or defeat hasn’t been greater than seven. After last week’s Thursday night game, we’ll take any kind of close game. It’ll at least keep us watching until the end.

Seriously, we don’t want another 40-0 game with Joe Flacco, Matt Moore, and Ryan Mallett. You can keep that.

Historically, the Bills and Jets are almost split, with the Bills lead the all-time series 61-53. But since 2013, the Jets have had the Bills’ number, winning six of the last eight matchups.

But anyway, please, give us a better game. That’s not asking for a lot.

The World Series is over

Did you watch it? That was seven games of great sports.

Enjoy the poopfest!

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