Alleged Agent Concept Art Reveals Rockstar’s Long-Dormant Game


Ever since the game was announced back in 2009, Rockstar’s stealth action title Agent has become one of gaming’s most famous cases of vaporware, with very little being revealed about the game aside from leaked screenshots. Today, fans have been given a new look at what might be (or what might have been) in the form of some alleged pieces of concept art.

In a new tweet from the Twitter account Bully 2 Info, three pieces of alleged Agent concept art were revealed, showcasing various snowy environments and scenarios set in what appears to be Russia, which lines up well with the game’s announced 1970s Cold War setting.

The first image depicts what appears to be an agent standing next to a flipped car and staring at a crashed helicopter; the second features a long, winding, and snow-covered road with a perilously high cliffside drop; and the third image depicts what appears to be tunnel work going on with a construction crew. Aside from the presence of snowy areas in the game, it is difficult to determine from the artwork whether Agent would be (or would have been) another narrative-driven open world game akin to Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption.

It is not known whether this concept art is legitimate, but it is worth noting that the Twitter account responsible is also been responsible for previously leaking supposed concept artwork for Bully 2, another Rockstar title rumored to be in development. At the time of writing, Rockstar has yet to confirm or deny the legitimacy of these supposed Agent concept art leaks, or the Bully 2 leaks.

Beyond this leaked artwork and the previously leaked screenshots, Rockstar has remained almost completely silent about Agent since the game was announced. Having said that, there are indications that the studio may not have abandoned the game just yet. Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, refiled two trademarks related to Agent some months ago, suggesting that the project could still be active.

Having said that though, it is unlikely that fans will be hearing anything Agent related for quite some time. Not only is Rockstar currently busy supporting the wildly-successful Grand Theft Auto Online, the studio is deep in development on the highly-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, which is scheduled for release in Spring 2018.

It remains to be seen whether Agent will ultimately see the light of day, but based on the newly-leaked concept art, it appears that Rockstar certainly had an interesting direction in mind for its long in-development stealth-action title.

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