Android O Coming To Nokia 6, Nokia 5 & Nokia 3, HMD Confirms


Paul Briden

02/06/2017 – 2:12pm

HMD will update its Nokia Android series to Android O "Oreo"

A lot of people are eagerly anticipating the forthcoming Nokia 9 flagship, but in the meantime the other Nokia Android phones already released are proving quite popular. Indeed, the Nokia 6 in particular can barely keep up with demand; it keeps selling out of stock within minutes!

Now HMD, the firm producing the Nokia Android series, has confirmed that the Nokia 6, as well as the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5, will definitely be upgraded to Android O when it arrives. Android O features have been revealed at the Google I/O conference, although the name is yet to be confirmed, many believe it will be Android Oreo after the cookie snack, just as Android KitKat was named after the chocolate bar.

While Google has revealed some details about the new platform, much remains a mystery, including the launch date. It’s thought it will arrive in Q3 of 2017, but apart from that it’s up in the air. HMD has not said when Nokia buyers might expect to see Android O arrive on their phones, but realistically it will probably take some time for the firm to bring the software across after the official launch later this year.

We still don’t know when the Nokia 9 (and possibly Nokia 8) will launch either, but it’s quite likely they’ll launch with Android Nougat installed and will also need updating later in the year after Android O arrives. Certainly if the current, lower-tier models are getting the jump up to the new OS then we can be pretty sure the premium models will too!

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