Apple HomePod Landing Q4 2017 – Limited Numbers

Apple’s HomePod will arrive in time for Christmas for $349, but supply is expected to be low

Perhaps Apple has caught on to the idea that scarcity creates demand, because plenty of rumours have indicated the iPhone 8 won’t be around in large enough numbers that everyone will be able to get one.

Likewise, according to a new report, the firm’s first foray into smart speakers, the Apple HomePod, will be launching during the final quarter of 2017 (same as the new iPhones) but will only be available in a small number. The news comes via Asian business report site Nikkei, which says that the speaker will hit the market in the US, UK, and Australia during the holiday season, but there will only be around 500,000 units available initially.

Taiwanese firm Inventec is mentioned as Apple’s manufacturing partner for the HomePod, but Foxconn is expected to be involved in 2018 perhaps after initial iPhone 8 production. The speaker will retail for $349 but as per rumours with the iPhone 8 it seems supply may be short until later in Q1 2018.

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