The benefits of having a single device

Before I switched to the 2-in-1 Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, I used a separate laptop, tablet and desktop. That all feels like madness now: moving to a single device makes so much sense, in terms of management, physical space and cost. Here’s what I’ve found since starting this journey. My data is there when I […]

The PowerVision PowerEgg drone looks like an alien ship out of Arrival

The PowerVision PowerEgg shown off at CES 2018 is unlike any drone we’ve seen. If you’ve seen Denis Villeneuve’s excellent sci-fi film Arrival, you’ll be familiar with the eery pods the extraterrestrial visitors, ahem, arrive in. They’re these elongated egg-shaped vessels that stand like monoliths over the landscape and also make weird noises. Well, when enclosed, […]

Making the most of Windows 10 on a 2-in-1

Having a beautifully designed device is only part of the story. If the software that runs on it isn’t optimised for the device you’re going to have a poor experience. Windows 10 is designed to support 2-in-1 devices in both tablet and desktop modes. With the proper supporting hardware, such as the Samsung Galaxy TabPro […]