Sit back and enjoy the most gorgeous time-lapse video you’ve ever seen – BGR

There’s just something about time-lapse videos that mesmerizes us, but despite companies like Apple building time-lapse recording features right into their devices, not everyone is skilled enough to actually make a decent one. Filmmaker and adventurer Morten Rustad, on the other hand, is more than qualified, with years of experience under his belt and some […]

How to Take Screenshot on Windows Login Screen

Taking screenshot can be very important sometimes. So, Apps like snipping tool are very popular. Fortunately, Screenshot taker app comes as  built-in feature in all major desktop and mobile operating systems. But, There may have some difficulties to take screenshots on critical points. For example, It is really not a simple thing to take screenshot on windows […]

Nokia 3310 (2017) hands-on review

BARCELONA: THE RUMOURS were true. The Nokia 3310 made its comeback at Mobile World Congress (MWC) and has been upgraded to sport a colour screen, rather than the monochrome display of old. Priced at a mere £50, it’s set to please those looking for the simple life, one free from the narcissistic nature of Instagram […]