David Jaffe Was Working on Iron Man VR Game Pitch for PlayStation


Last month, God of War creator and Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe confirmed that major layoffs were being made at developer The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency and that the studio’s next game had been canceled. In an updater, Jaffe has now confirmed that the developer’s offices will be closing, though the veteran game developer also reveals more details about the other projects that the Bartlet Jones team had been working on.

On Twitter, Jaffe told his 46,000 followers that the Bartlet Jones team had been prototyping an Iron Man VR game. According to Jaffe’s tweet about the project, this virtual reality tie-in would have allowed players to use the PlayStation VR headset’s built-in microphone in order to talk to J.A.R.V.I.S while they were flying around in the suit.

J.A.R.V.I.S is the artificial intelligence designed by Tony Stark to manage matters in his life and in the Bartlet Jones game, the A.I. would tell players that the suit’s battery is low and players could respond by telling J.A.R.V.I.S to transfer power to the reserves. Additionally, there would be a feature called “Marvel Teamup” which would allow a player on a second screen to help their teammates. Captain America is one such character who would be playable through this feature though many fans would surely love to play as Spider-Man too given that the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 exclusive is one of the console’s most highly anticipated titles.

The game would have been “so cool,” says Jaffe, who also confirms that Marvel knew nothing about the game. The Bartlet Jones team had planned to pitch it to the company in the hopes that they would like it. Jaffe signs off the tweet with “maybe one day,” suggesting that he would still very much like to make this game happen.

As indicated by the responses to Jaffe’s tweet, many fans of Marvel and VR gaming are sad that the developer was unable to pitch the game before the layoffs were made. In the replies, several fans suggest that they would have purchased a PlayStation VR headset just to play the Iron Man game and that the concept sounds like it could have been a lot of fun. From the sounds of it, the Iron Man VR title could be as much of a system seller as the Batman: Arkham VR game that launched with the PlayStation VR headset back in 2016.

Could the game still happen despite the Bartlet Jones layoffs? It’s worth noting that Marvel has teased some “absolutely amazing” VR games and the studio is certainly interested in entering the VR gaming space. It’s unclear whether Marvel may reach out to Jaffe and pick up work on the project but Jaffe and many fans of the veteran game developer will have their fingers crossed.

Source: David Jaffe – Twitter

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