Destiny 2 Hands Out More Bans To PC Players


Destiny 2 is once again handing out bans to PC players, and once again those players are claiming they did nothing wrong. This is the second such incident involving Destiny 2, but this time Bungie is more confident in its review process.

Shortly after launch, about 400 players were banned from accessing Destiny 2 on PC without any explanation as to why. Initially, these players (and others) surmised that the bans were a result of having third party software open, like an overlay for Discord or Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for streaming.

Bungie was quick to clarify that it was not delivering bans for the use of these types of software, essentially saying that the banned players deserved their punishment. A short time after, though, Bungie lifted some of the bans, saying that there were some players that were wrongfully banned.

No doubt a few bans have been delivered in the time since this first wave, but a second wave of bans has gone out and once again the community is crying foul. Players that were banned claim they had no cheating software open but did have some third party applications active. According to these gamers, the third party applications have never led to problems will playing Blizzard games like Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm, yet Destiny 2 flagged them. In response, Bungie Community Manager Cozmo assured these players that every instance was reviewed extensively, and the guilty parties were found running cheating software.

cozmo response destiny 2 pc bans

Of course, there is no way to evaluate the validity of these claims, but there is a precedent for Bungie and wrongful bans. There are also plenty of bans that were legitimate, and those gamers are merely looking for an explanation that gets them off the hook. Early on these players could simply get a refund from Blizzard but now that time has passed.

Interestingly enough, this second wave of bans happened around the same time that Destiny 2 launched Trials of the Nine on PC. Out of all the experiences in Destiny 2, most were afraid of cheaters ruining Trials, and that could be why there have been so many bans recently.

Considering this is the first time Destiny has been on PC, there were bound to be a lot of issues with the game, especially from a software perspective. Bungie would rather be overly cautious and keep the experience free from cheaters and exploits than being too lax and turning off honest players. In this scenario, there were going to be players banned by accident and for some of those players, this will be a major headache. But, as Bungie pointed out, the studio has not handed out as many bans as some people think and this time the team made sure to evaluate each incident closely.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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