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With Destiny 2’s Warmind DLC right around the corner, fans are anxiously awaiting more information about what to expect in the upcoming DLC. During a stream for the popular podcast “Destiny Down Under” Destiny 2 Game Director Christopher Barret dropped a cryptic comment in the stream’s chat, and fans are speculating that it may hint at an upcoming ARG that will tie into Warmind.

Barret’s message may seem familiar to Destiny veterans, for the structure of it is strikingly similar to flavor text for weapons and gear relating to Rasputin, the infamous Destiny warmind. Most notable among that gear is the Sleeper Simulant, a fan favorite fusion rifle that was introduced during The Taken King. While the Sleeper Simulant wasn’t among the confirmed exotics coming with Warmind, fans speculate that the warmind-themed linear fusion rifle will be coming back on May 8.

For those who did not play Destiny, the Sleeper Simulant was not available at the start of The Taken King, but instead was unlocked weeks after the launch of the expansion. Bungie gave no hints or allusions as to when or how players would get the weapon, only that it was in the game somewhere. Fans took to Reddit and the forums to speculate and post evidence they found that could relate to the weapon. All the hard work paid off, for when Sleeper Simulant was found, it became one of the most-used exotics in the game.

Barret’s tweet could reference that this popular exotic is coming back with Warmind, and that its secrets are somewhere in the new Mars patrol area. If this is indeed true, fans may come together once more to decrypt the secrets that Bungie has hidden for them to find.

Exotic weapons as a whole are getting a massive overhaul in the future. On May 8, many exotics in the Destiny 2 sandbox are getting buffed to feel more impactful. Alongside that, exotic masterworks are being added to give extra tasks to make the weapons even more powerful.

While we haven’t heard anything else about the possible ARG, fans are excited to see Bungie being more engaged with the fanbase, as many saw the previous ARGs as some of the best experiences Destiny had to offer. Hopefully, this ARG turns out to be just as rewarding and exciting as they were before.

Destiny 2: Warmind releases May 8, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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