Destiny 2 Will Make Huge Improvement for Iron Banner Season 2


For most members of the Destiny 2 community, last week’s Iron Banner was a disappointment. Although the promise of new gear and armor was intriguing, the way that Bungie set up the event and how it doles out rewards left a lot to be desired. Thankfully, Bungie has heard those complaints and vowed to do better for Iron Banner in Season 2…or potentially even earlier.

As part of its Twitch panel on Destiny 2 Seasons, Bungie detailed some of the changes it plans to implement in Season 2. Specifically, the developer wants to let players buy Iron Banner gear with their Tokens, rather than have random drops from engrams. The studio also mentioned purchasing gear with Legendary Shards, but it was unclear how that might work.

For the Token redemption, it sounds as though Destiny 2’s Iron Banner will look more like D1’s Iron Banner. Lord Saladin will have a certain inventory for the duration of the event, and players can spend their Tokens on the armor pieces or weapons that they want. And since weapons and armor have fixed perks on them, there won’t be any worry about a better version coming around later. Once you pick up an Iron Banner item, you can check it off the list.

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It’s certainly a far stretch from the Iron Banner of Destiny: Rise of Iron, where players got consistent post-match drops and random gear rewards from Lady Efrideet, but it’s an improvement over the current system. Tokens are a good idea in principal, but having to win/lose a certain amount of matches only to open an engram and get the same piece of loot three times in a row is not encouraging. For many Destiny 2 players, Iron Banner was the first sign that the endgame had flaws and consistent player population started to drop from there.

While the focus of Bungie’s talk was on future Seasons in Destiny 2, it’s unclear if another Iron Banner will occur before shifting to Season 2. Moreover, if there is another Iron Banner, we don’t know if these changes with rewards will go into effect then or as part of Season 2. Bungie also showed off new Iron Banner armor, but that may be further off than Season 2. Many Destiny 2 players didn’t even get a chance to collect all of the first set of armor and weapons because of how inconsistent and stingy the rewards system was.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases

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