Destiny ‘Silver Sync Pending’ Error Resolved by Bungie


Bungie believes it has resolved an issue that prevented Destiny players from acquiring the Silver currency they purchased online over the weekend. Silver being Destiny‘s in-game microtransaction currency. The now infamous “Silver Sync Pending” error was affecting a large amount of Destiny players over the weekend on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The issue would allow players to spend money, but not give them their Silver purchase. It’s unclear if Bungie’s solution resulted in Silver delivery for all weekend buyers, or if it’s only solved for purchasers from now onward.

Here’s Bungie’s official statement regarding the issue, provided by Destiny‘s support team:

“Issues preventing the successful completion of recent Silver and Booster Pack purchases on PS4 and Xbox ONE have been resolved. If you believe that a purchase of yours has been affected, please try closing the Destiny application on your console, then log back in.”

Initial reports regarding the broken Silver sales starting as early as Saturday on the official Destiny forums. Users would go on to say that they’d been waiting over 24 hours without receiving their Silver. A Reddit post on Sunday would go viral implying the issues were only on PlayStation 4, leading to a crack about the Xbox One finally getting exclusive content. Later comments would reveal that both platforms were effected, but Bungie did not fix the issue until the weekend ended and regular working hours begun.

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The Destiny Silver issue also provides an interesting look into in-game microtransaction refunds on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Many of the complaints regarding Silver purchases were tied to frustrations regarding refund requests being denied on PlayStation 4. When requesting a refund, Sony would redirect players to contact Bungie, while Bungie support would redirect players to Sony. Xbox players had an easier route, however, and were issued refunds when requested.

Having the Destiny community come together regarding an ongoing issue is evidence of how strong it continues to be. The community is strong despite the game being almost three years old now, and Destiny 2 being just over two months away. Several troll-ish comments were made about why anyone would buy Silver so near to the sequel’s launch, but the most common response was, “Because I like Destiny.”

It’s unlikely Destiny‘s purchasing problems over the weekend will cause any additional controversy. Hopefully by now everyone who had problems with Silver purchases have received their currency. Those who haven’t should definitely contact Bungie as soon as they’re able and get everything fixed.

Destiny is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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