Final Fantasy 15 Switch Tease A ‘Joke’


Last month, Nintendo fans looked like they were in for a treat when Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata teased that the massively-successful JRPG would be coming to the Switch. However, it appears that this tease was nothing more than an off-hand joke from the director and it is looking like the supposed Switch port is nothing more than a fantasy.

In a new interview with Kotaku, Tabata was asked about the Final Fantasy 15 Switch tease he dropped at Gamescom, to which he revealed that someone from Nintendo had actually called him up in regards to the port. Although the director did not say what was discussed with the Big N, he did attempt to backtrack on his comments about bringing the JRPG to the Switch by saying that it was nothing more than a “joke comment.”

“It was just kind of a joke response. That said, we aren’t dismissing the hardware in any way. We believe it’s a great platform, and we’re open to looking for opportunities. And if the opportunity presents itself, and there’s something we can do on that given platform, we’d like to do it.”

This news will undoubtedly be disappointing for Nintendo fans who had been looking forward to playing the JRPG, but it should not be too surprising given Tabata’s concerns about Final Fantasy 15 being unable to run properly on the Switch. Last week saw the director speak about testing the game’s Luminous Engine on the Switch, where he revealed that the team couldn’t “bring the most out of the engine” on the console.

While it appears that Final Fantasy 15 will likely not make its way to the Switch any time soon due to various reasons, technical and otherwise, it is likely that the development team is currently too busy working on various projects to focus on a Switch port at the moment. Not only is there one more episodic DLC pack, titled Episode Ignis, still to come this December, the team are also working on a PC version of Final Fantasy 15, which is scheduled for release in early 2018.

A Switch port of Final Fantasy 15 should still not be ruled out just yet given Tabata’s comments about looking for opportunities for the platform, though it is highly unlikely. But seeing as how the director also revealed to Kotaku that he has actually yet to play the console due to his inability to find one in Japan, perhaps his mind might be swayed once he manages to get his hand on Nintendo’s versatile platform.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku

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