Fix CE-38606-3 – Can’t Download Themes in PlayStation


Currently, Play station users are not able to Download Themes which they have bought. Each time users try to download themes, an error occurs which says Code CE-38606-3. The Code Prevents the download and adds the Frustration in PlayStation users.

PlayStation users are not able to Download themes for Battlefield, Star Trek etc. The error will read as “Cannot add the following content to [Downloads]. An error occurred on the server.(CE-38606-3)“There are few solution to this problem scatters all over the internet. We will try and bring them in one place which is on this page.

Can't download themes in PlayStation error code CE-38606-3

Most of the time when tons of users get a same error code on PlayStation, Server is the issue. More time then not, one can easily assume that its the server which is the culprit and nothing from the user side. But, there are certain things that you can perform and make sure the issue is not from your side.

Fixing CE-38606-3 Error in PlayStation

Method 1: Restore License.

  1. > Go to Settings.
  2. > PlayStation Network
  3. > Restore Licenses.

Doing this will may fix the issue where you are not able to Download Themes.

Method 2: Open PlayStation Store Through Theme Settings.

  • Go to Theme Settings on your PlayStation.
  • Click/Select on any theme, There you will get an option to go to PlayStation Store.
  • Once, PlayStation Store opens up, Try to Download your Theme from there.

Few More things you can try:

  • Sign out and Sign back in.
  • (We will add more to the list.)

If Above mentioned methods don’t work for you Specially method #2 then you can be quite sure that the problem is from Server side. This is what the error page says at least. Guys at PlayStation would be already working on the issue. You can wait until this is fixed to download your purchased themes on PlayStation.

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