Fortnite Beats Concurrent Player Record Set By PUBG

There’s no doubt that Fortnite has become something of a phenomenon as of late, for even the popular musician and Chicago native Chance the Rapper has sung the sandbox survival title’s praises, calling for Epic Games and People Can Fly to port the game to what is presumably his preferred platform, the Nintendo Switch. Speaking of the title’s popularity, the publisher and developer have now revealed that the game has surpassed a previous concurrent player record set by its competitor, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

According to a recent blog post from Epic Games, Fortnite hit a new peak of 3.4 million concurrent players last Sunday, surpassing the previous benchmark set by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with 3.2 million concurrent players. However, this success for the sandbox building and survival title is not without some consequences, as the sheer size of fans flocking to the game last Sunday caused the servers to shut down entirely.

Many Fortnite fans will agree that server issues are far from a new occurrence in the game, as one recent instance of the servers going offline caused Epic Games to put out an apology and offer a promise of compensation to those affected. This time, though, Epic decided to be a bit more proactive in addressing such technical errors, with the company providing a complete breakdown of what caused the partial and total service disruptions throughout last Saturday and Sunday, which can be found in full right here.

While this concurrent player success for Fortnite is definitely worthy of celebration, it’s important to note that this particular feat of surpassing a previous record set by PUBG is likely partially due to the fact that the Battle Royale portion of Epic Games title is free-to-play, while the latter title is not. Again, this isn’t to say that Fortnite doesn’t deserve to claim such a success – quite the contrary, in fact – but it should help put Fortnite‘s concurrent player triumph into a fairer perspective.

Fortnite is available now in early access on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Epic Games

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