Friday the 13th Finally Gets Matchmaking Update on PS4


After nearly a week of waiting, Friday the 13th players on PS4 have finally received the much-needed matchmaking patch for the console. In addition, the patch should fix some known exploits and bugs, thereby making the 1v7 multiplayer experience a little smoother and a little fairer.

It has been a long wait for Friday the 13th players on console, who watched the game’s matchmaking slowly deteriorate from launch until now, but from here on out developer Gun Media says things should be better. According to a post from the devs, they saw an improvement of 4 to 6x in matchmaking speed.

The update will also remove some known bugs in the game, including Jason getting stuck in certain animations and players reacting to dead bodies while being chased. Most importantly, though, the exploit areas should be gone, meaning that counselors can’t hide slightly out of Jason’s reach anymore.

Outside of fixes for the game, Friday the 13th backers on PS4 should now have access to the Savini Flaming Jason skin, which up until now had not been available for the console. Previously, inputting the redemption code for the skin returned an error, but that should be fixed.

UPDATE JUNE 6, 2017 – PS4 Patch has arrived! Update on Xbox One Hi everyone! We know the wait has been a bit long, and…

Posted by Friday the 13th: The Game on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

To recap what had happened with Friday the 13th, the game initially launched with some major server issues. According to Gun, the devs underestimated how many players would show up on Day 1 and so the servers crumbled under the weight of so many active users.

The devs then tried to fix the issues, but in the process new problems were created. On all platforms, matchmaking wait times became even longer, and disconnects from games were more frequent. Gun said that fixes were coming, but it certainly took a while for them to arrive, first on PC and today on PS4.

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Of course, the question now is what about players on Xbox One? Right now, Gun Media doesn’t have an official release date for the patch, but their latest post says that it is going through internal testing and will be submitted to Microsoft soon. That means players should expect to see the patch available on Thursday or Friday, assuming everything goes according to plan.

No doubt today’s news is going to be pleasing to some Friday the 13th players and disappointing to others. It has been a long wait for improvements to matchmaking, especially once PC players got their update so much faster. Unfortunately that’s the nature of the update process on PC versus console.

Friday the 13th is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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