Friday the 13th Releases New Update and Spring Break Clothing DLC


The Friday the 13th Clothing Update that players have been waiting for since its announcement several weeks ago has now arrived, but that’s not all that Illfonic is delivering in the latest update. The Spring Break 1984 DLC is also now available, an all-new emote wheel has been added, and several significant bug fixes have gone through. Check out the update now, though the PlayStation 4 release is reportedly not yet live.

The Clothing Update for Friday the 13th reworks the interface where players pick and customize their counselor outfits. The interface is now much more streamlined, intuitively switching from outfit to clothing piece to material and color as players make their selections. It was a necessary update to allow for the new DLC Spring Break outfits and other DLC outfit packs likely to arrive in the near future.

To deliver on the promise of the Clothing Update, developer Illfonic also shipped the Spring Break 1984 DLC. The studio has been holding this DLC back specifically for the Clothing Update, hoping to impress returning players with new changes and sexy swimsuits. Chad’s speedo, Tiffany’s bikini, and the rest of the counselor bundle is available now for $1.99. But interested parties are encouraged to buy early if interested, as the price will jump to $3.99 after an initial sale period.

Friday the 13th Update Unlocks Spring Break DLC, Emotes

As for the other changes made in this big Friday the 13th update, the emote wheel is the most interesting. The wheel features 8 customizable emote slots, allowing the player to communicate with other players visually mid-match. No more whispering to other players in the hopes of Jason not being in range to hear. It’s also a potential hint that premium emotes are coming soon.

The update also delivers many bug fixes, including 15 for Jason alone. Here are a few particularly notable fixes, but the full list is available on the official Friday the 13th website:

  • Fixed the following perks: Grease Monkey, Heavy Hitter, Man at Arms, and Tinker
  • Fixed a number of spots on Crystal Lake where Jason could not kill Counselors
  • Fixed an issue on Packanack where cars could block the lodge entrance
  • Fixed a number of issues preventing Jason from pulling Counselors out of a stopped car.
  • Fixed an issue causing Counselors to not be able to break other Counselors free from Jason’s grip.

While today’s update focuses on content and bugfixes, Illfonic is also thinking about gameplay changes for the future. The team is working on things like creating sandbox social area for between matches, making Tommy Jarvis more heroic, allowing Jason to break furniture, and more. There’s plenty to look forward to in Friday the 13th, but hopefully some swimsuits the fixes for Jason will do for now.

Friday the 13th is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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