Google Home Max To Land December 11? Just In Time For Christmas!

Paul Briden

01/12/2017 – 4:00pm

The Google Home Max is coming out this December with a $399 price tag

Google unveiled the Google Home Max smart speaker, powered by its Google Assistant AI, back in October, but has yet to reveal its plans to bring it to market other than the intention for it to arrive inside 2017. Now it seems it might be arriving on December 11, just in time for the gift-buying rush.

The word hasn’t come from Google itself, mind you, which has still remained quiet on the subject as we enter the final month of the year. US retailer Best Buy spilled the beans by prematurely listing the Google Home Max on its webstore. The product listing has a “notify me” tag for consumers who wish to be told when it does go on sale, however, the firm did say it expects sales to begin on December 11. This is only for the black model though, the white version is still an unknown.

The Google Home Max, as the name implies, is another, this time larger, iteration in the Google Home smart speaker family, sitting above the regular Google Home and the smaller and cheaper Google Home Mini. Like the other two, it’ll boast the same features in terms of what commands and functions it can perform via Google Assistant – which is entirely software based.

However, one of the main criticisms levelled at both the Google Home Mini, and to a lesser extent the Google Home, is that the audio quality of the speakers is just about “good enough” rather than being of high enough quality for proper audiophiles. The Google Home Max appears to be a bid to address that issue by being a bigger device with more powerful audio equipment, but it’ll have a price tag to match this boost in quality at an alleged $399, compared to the Google Home’s $130 and the Google Home Mini’s ultra-affordable $30.

Of course it’s not going to be a US exclusive, so expect it to arrive globally at a comparable price via Google’s online webstore and through third-party retailers.

Here’s the product blurb on the Best Buy listing of the Google Home Max:

Hear every note as the artist intended. Feel every beat with heart-pounding bass. Meet Google Home Max. It’s our ultimate speaker, made for your music. You get deep layers of balanced bass along with crystal-clear highs. No unwanted resonance. No muddiness. Just pure sound that fills the room. Room EQ adjusts the sound based on where you place it. Media EQ fine tunes the speaker so every song sounds its best. It’s software that keeps getting smarter thanks to automatic updates.

Play songs from services like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and more. Stream music over Wi-Fi. Connect using Bluetooth. Or plug in a stereo cable. Since it’s part of the Google Home family and powered by the Google Assistant, you can ask it questions, manage your smart home devices and so much more.

To get an idea of the functionality, you can read our review of the Google Home Mini here.

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