Google Pixel 2 WILL Use Current Snapdragon 835 CPU

The Snapdragon 836 has been delayed until 2018, so the Google Pixel 2 handsets will use the 835 platform instead

With all the talk about the iPhone X Edition and Essential Phone, one could forget that we’re getting very close the launch of Google’s Pixel 2 handsets.

During the past few months, we’ve seen multiple leaks about the handset, detailing its specs and hardware, but the one rumor that is catching everyone out is what CPU the handsets will use.

Early reports suggested Google was eyeing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 836, but that chipset has now been delayed until early 2018. This means – according to @evleaks – that the Google Pixel 2 will use Qualcomm’s existent Snapdragon 835 platform.

Google was apparently aware of this happening and made alternate plans just in case something went wrong with the Snapdragon 836 update. Turns out this was a good plan, as the chipset is now delayed.

The Google Pixel 2 update will feature Android Oreo, obviously, as well asked updates in the imaging department. Expect a dual-lens camera, waterproofing, and new design elements that should hopefully make the handset a little more exciting.

The main event, however, will be Android Oreo. This is why most people buy Pixel phones; they want the best possible version of Android they can get their hands on.

Updates to the design and camera will obviously sweeten the deal, but for most, it is all about the software.

The Google Pixel 2 will launch on October 15.

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