Holy hell, UConn scored 94 points in one half in a tournament game


This box score is a masterpiece.

Do you guys want to see something wild? OK, here it is:

In the first half of an NCAA tournament round-of-64 game on Saturday against Saint Francis, the Connecticut Huskies scored 94 points. That’s not “19.4” points. That’s ninety-four points, as in one more than 93 and one fewer than 95. This has never happened before:

At press time, the Huskies were well on their way to passing the all-time single-game scoring record for women’s Division I hoops. That’s been 121, set by Alabama in 1985.

Let’s pull some highlights from this absurd first-half box score, via ESPN:

  • UConn shot 39-of-53 from the field (73.6 percent)
  • UConn had a 39-8 rebounding advantage
  • UConn had a 26-7 assists advantage
  • UConn had a 9-2 turnovers advantage

Meanwhile, on the Saint Francis side, the Red Flash had:

  • A 10-for-40 shooting half from the field
  • An 8-for-30 half on three-pointers. The Red Flash clearly figured their only chance against this juggernaut was to chuck up a million threes. That’s a fair strategy! It didn’t work, and the Huskies picked up a bunch of long rebounds and basically created a layup line.
  • A 13-3 advantage in, uh, personal fouls committed

Some people will use this result to criticize women’s basketball for its lack of parity. I choose to just stare at it in awe, because UConn is a basketball death machine of epic proportions. The Huskies are 32-0 and look deeply committed to avenging a Final Four loss to Mississippi State last spring. I suspect they’ll get the chance.

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