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InMotion has created a fully automated digital slider for smartphone, GoPro and light mirrorless camera videography. In contrast to most camera sliders that are big, heavy, and expensive, InMotion is compact, light, and affordable. It can be mounted on a tripod, and users can attach their favourite accessories like lamps and microphones to it. Features include face-following, orbiting around a subject, time lapse, panoramic, and motion-triggered shooting leveraging an infrared gate and bluetooth sensors. Within the accompanying app, users can instantly stream video, make colour corrections, save your work to the cloud, and more. The InMotion Slider can also charge your smartphone via a fast USB charging port. The company today launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the commercialisation of the product.

Inmotion Press Release


If you have even a hint of passion for photography and videography, you know that thought-provoking, high quality content is created using professional equipment that’s heavy, requires extensive practice and skill and, most importantly, is very expensive.

These could be just a few reasons why DSLR camera sales dropped by 17% in 2016 while there’s an increasing rise in amateur filmmakers (think vloggers, youtubers, instagram influencers, etc.) turning to their smartphones for video content creation.

Three hundred hours of video footage are uploaded to Youtube per minute , proving DIY video is here to stay. In 2016, 48% of photos uploaded to Flickr were taken by iPhone. Over three-quarters of Americans have a smartphone and over 2 billion people worldwide own and use a smartphone on a daily basis. These numbers are set to increase ( the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019 ), yet shooting pro-level video using movement on a smartphone is considered virtually impossible.

90% of the people who upload images to the internet have never used a non-smartphone camera. And while there are a wealth of tools catering to the DSLR users, there has been no real attempt to support smartphone or mirrorless camera filmmakers beyond the infamous selfie stick or a gimball. Until now…

Videographers will agree, movement is one of the most important elements in creating visually compelling, professional-level video. To achieve streamlined movement with enhanced panning and angle options, the pros use motorized camera sliders.

Vloggers, Instagrammers, and travelers who use smartphones to storytell are constantly looking to up their video-content game. Amateur videographers and social media users are accustomed to having cheap, accessible tools that elevate their photo and video game at their disposal (think easy-to-use editing apps, filters, and even selfie sticks).

Introducing InMotion

The Slider

InMotion aims to empower filmmakers of all experience levels to create Hollywood quality content using the user-friendly device that’s nowadays found in everyone’s pocket or handbag – the smartphone.

With this drive at their forefront, InMotion created the first fully automated digital slider for smartphones and light mirrorless cameras (including GoPro).

In contrast to most camera sliders that are big, heavy, and expensive, InMotion is compact, light, and affordable. And it’s the ultimate smartphone and GoPro filmmaking tool, promising to be a game changer for amateur and professional filmmakers the world over.

The slider brings Hollywood camera movement to every smartphone user out there. It has a universal mount for smartphones, mirrorless cameras and GoPro, plus a panning mechanism that provides 36 degrees more field of vision than typical sliders.

The InMotion Slider is ultra portable and thanks to its Mobile App it has amazing smart features that no other slider has: face-following, motion triggering via motion sensor, cloud color-graded timelapses and parallax mode. What’s more it can be mounted on a tripod, you can attach your favourite accessories like lamps and microphones to it. The InMotion Slider can also charge your smartphone via a fast USB charging port.

Thanks to the InMotion slider, creating cinematic masterpieces is no longer reserved for pros!

The InMotion App

The slider comes with the InMotion App, a user-friendly tool that takes your footage to the next level.

● Face Following: Advanced motion tracking algorithms track your face, keeping you in frame as the slider moves. Using lower-quality front camera for vlogs is a thing of a past! Finally you can use your better quality rear view camera and be certain about getting the perfect shot, so you can focus on your content and the message that resonates with your audience.
● Parallax Mode: A slider shot is combined with a pan head shot to keep the slider orbiting around a set object/person located 27” from the smartphone. This feature will turn any interview or product unboxing video into a walk in the park.
● Live streaming : Live footage can be streamed instantly to social media or embedded into your blog, an ideal feature if you’re a daily Youtuber, traveler, or vlogger.
● Cloud Rendering: Creates amazing High Dynamic Range Timelapses by mass-processing RAW images from iPhone and color grading them in the cloud.

Filming Presets: Preset modes can be applied to footage for a polished touch.

● Manual settings : You don’t have to buy any additional app because the iPhone has all the manual settings you love: manual exposure time, ISO sensitivity, white balance and focus.
● Panoramic Mode : This function helps you capture breathtaking landscapes and location shots without any shaky-hand mishaps or picture imperfections.
● Time Lapse Mode : Just set the camera location and duration and hit start. This feature combines step-by-step movement footage with interim photos to create professional time lapses you will be proud of.
● Motion Triggering : Perfect for sports footage, the feature uses an infrared gate and two wireless sensors to set up a motion trigger for subjects as far as 30 feet away. Filming begins immediately, or a time delay can be set-up for a smoother transition.
● 360* photos : Add just a accessory adapter and the slider will be able to create amazing 360 videos of products on a turntable


● 15in length tracks
● Panning motor for 36 degrees greater field of view than most sliders
● Tripod mountable with adjustable legs
● InMotion smart app included
● 3 ¼ inch mounting points for accessories
● USB port for power on the go
● Built in 12V battery for 5 hours of filming on any device
● Optional extension rails can be added for up to 30in of track

About InMotion

InMotion is run by a dedicated team with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, software development, and manufacturing and who are united by a passion for film and photography. Our goal is to bring the best filmmaking tools to as many people as possible, increasing the accessibility of creating cinematic masterpieces.
CEO, Founder – Slawek Potasz

Born and raised in Poland, Slawek Potasz has been passionate about film since he was a child and his passion transpires in everything he does within the InMotion project and beyond.

Slawek’s childhood dream was to become a director of photography. When he applied for film school and was denied, he chose an alternate path that would still allow him to bring a valuable contribution to the space. ”If I couldn’t be an artist, I could at least make a better brush for other artists,” Slawek recounts. He studied mechatronic design engineering instead, and did one of the first-in-Europe live transmissions from a drone via satellite truck streaming directly to TV. He also created content-driven social media channels with over 280K followers on facebook (downhill24hours) and 210K followers on instagram (#downhill24h) and created multiple InMotion Slider prototypes in 4 years, including some tested during the Dakar rally, Qatar national days and few more.

Slawek won a series of prizes with his device, including 2nd place at Polish Microsoft Imagine Cup and 1st place at Skanska Urban Quest where he used his sliders to create more convenient workplaces.


First prototype developed: 2014
Prototypes: 2015, 2016, 2017 (currently fifteen functional prototypes)
InMotion officially formed as it is today: 2017
Kickstarter page launch: October 24, 2017
Production begins: December 2017
Product estimated delivery: April 2018

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