iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s WILL Launch on September 12

Apple’s iPhone 8 will launch September 12, should arrive by September 22

According to word from the Wall Street Journal, Apple will launch its much-anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone 8 on September 12. The event may take place at the Steve Jobs Theater; part of Apple’s new HQ campus.

However, there is a slight problem there; the HQ campus isn’t finished yet, it’s implied the part the firm wants to use for the launch might be ready in time, but also may not, it’s up in the air. Alternatively, Apple may end up using its usual haunt in San Francisco; the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

The iPhone 8 will, of course, not be launching alone; it’ll be accompanied by both the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, and may even also be joined by the Apple Watch Series 3, if some reports are accurate. The iPhone 8 will, however, be the main event.

The WSJ cites anonymous sources close to Apple who’ve been “briefed on its plans”, but it also corroborates with some earlier reports from European carriers who were expecting the same date for launch. If true, it’s also not the first time Apple has chosen September 12 for launching iPhone devices.

Assuming this is all accurate, we should see Apple sending out press invitations which will confirm it once and for all very soon indeed. Some sources are predicting that, in-line with Apple’s usual MO of getting new devices on sale within a couple of weeks, the iPhone 8 may be around for purchase by September 22, with pre-orders in the run-up to that date. However, rumours of supply shortages haven’t gone away; if Apple does only roll up with 2-4 million units of the iPhone 8 then there may be trouble ahead!

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