iPhone 8 Face Scanning, Tap To Wake Features Revealed: NO In-Screen Touch ID


iPhone 8 Face Scanning, Tap To Wake Features Revealed – The iPhone 8 will have an advanced UI with a split status bar, tap to wake, and face scanning

Apple’s HomePod firmware appears to be something of a treasure trove of details regarding the forthcoming iPhone 8 smartphone. Developers have uncovered code inside the HomePod firmware which points to a infrared facial scanning unlock in the BiometricKit component.

The firmware also contains a graphical diagram of what appears to be the iPhone 8 with an edge-to-edge display and a “cut out” (or should that be cut in?) section intruding into the display to house the front facing scanner, camera, and other sensors. It appears iPhone status information will be displayed either side of this node.

The facial recognition tech even has a name, dubbed PearlID, the phone itself is referred to by a callsign of D22.

The same developers probing the code inside the firmware package have also uncovered evidence of a “tap to wake” feature for the iPhone 8 and a split-design status bar, again reaffirming the idea that status info will sit on either side of the camera module on the front. The status bar will reportedly be “more complex and powerful in design”. Some of the code implies the bar will be interactive, but it’s not clear if that simply means a drag down gesture we’re familiar with or something a bit more involved.

According to the details, the API doesn’t have any reference at all to an in-screen Touch ID scanner, indicating it will not appear on the iPhone 8. A rear-mounted Touch ID seems most likely, as it is still a fast biometric, or perhaps inside the power key on the side, however, multiple sources have said that an in-power key scanner is unlikely.

What we do know is the iPhone 8 won’t have a physical Home key; the documentation reveals a Home “indicator” to function as the button. Whether or not this is tied into the previously rumoured “function area” for issuing various control inputs remains to be seen.

Troughton-Smith, a reputable Twitter source, has also reiterated multiple snippets of evidence regarind the facial scanning feature.

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