iPhone 8 Features Revealed: Smart Camera, Fast Charging & Wireless Charging


Apple’s iPhone 8 will have Smart Camera features for easier capture, plus multiple charging methods

Yet more details have emerged regarding the iPhone 8 courtesy of the software packages it is giving out to developers. Previously it was the developer kit for the HomePod smart speaker, and now some more code has shown other features we can expect.

The main new nugget of info concerns something called “Smart Camera”, which has a number of options for capturing different scenes; we have a list that appears to include printed documents, fast-motion, low-light, and subjects including babies, pets, and sunrise/sunset scenes.

Both wireless charging and fast charging are tipped in the details, although we assume fast charging is via the Lightning Cable rather than being a fast, wireless charge. Who knows though, Apple may surprise us with speedy wireless charging perhaps?

In addition, the previously tipped face recognition tech, known as PearlID, will apparently see functionality with Apple Pay; it won’t be isolated to unlocking the handset.

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