Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Teases Keyblade Transformations


Kingdom Hearts 3 remains a popular game for discussion, however many of the game’s details have yet to be revealed. While there has been information provided about the new worlds, the developers have remained quiet about certain aspects of the game. But even amidst a lot of the secrecy, Square Enix is willing to tease a few things, like the keyblade transformations that will be in the game.

There have already been multiple hints at the possibility of keyblade transformations in the earlier Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers so this concept should not be new to many fans. Some new combat changes teased by director Tetsuya Nomura include the use of hair as a weapon in the Tangled universe and the presence of Mirage Staff transformations. Regardless of these additions, it may be the possibility of the keyblade transformations that has sparked fans’ interest the most.

transforming key blade - kingdom hearts 3

Nomura avoided discussing how the keyblade transformations are activated, although he did explain the limitations of the transformations. Ultimately, each keyblade will have its own unique form that it can turn into and at least two different transformations. To explain this Nomura used the example of the giant hammer and drill transformations in the Toy Story world. Additionally, Nomura explained how players will start with one phase of the transformation and then evolve into the second depending on their use of combos.

As far as overall development is concerned, Nomura says that the three parts of the game are at a different level of completion. The first part is at 95% completion, the second part is at 75% completion, and the development of the final section remains unknown. Overall, these numbers may appear promising for the fans who are eager to try out the new keyblade transformations.

The addition of many new elements and worlds may indicate that the new Kingdom Hearts will provide the fans with a vastly different game to its predecessors. Fans may also be eager to hear that the game is introducing new combat elements that will help it standout from past games.

Although Kingdom Hearts 3 does not have an exact release date but it is expected to be available sometime this year for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Gamingbolt

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