LA Noire Remaster With VR Support and First Person Mode Coming?

As gamers continue to anticipate the release of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2, it looks as if the company may have another title waiting in the wings. A recent report has emerged claiming that the gaming giant is preparing to release a remastered version of LA Noire on a new generation of consoles, and it sounds as if the game will also come equipped with a handful of new features.

If these rumors are true, would-be detectives across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and allegedly even Nintendo Switch platforms could expect to see the revamped LA Noire arrive as soon as this year – although it has been pointed out that Rockstar may have delayed it to land in 2018 in order to avoid steep competition this Holiday season. WWG author Liam Robertson claims that the site has three inside sources confirming the newfound addition of VR support – or at least internal testing for it through PlayStation VR – as well as a first-person mode across all versions.

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As Roberston points out, the new first-person mode in LA Noire may very well resemble the first-person mode that was added to Grand Theft Auto 5 for its PC, PS4, and Xbox One release. Given the success of that game for the publisher, it makes sense that the firm would opt to try mimicking the appeal through an initially comparable way of playing.

Now that the spiritual successor to LA Noire, Whore of the Orient, will likely never release, it’s good to hear that there’s still a possibility of the noire-themed detective title making a return. Keeping that in mind, there’s no information on which team is said to be handling the remaster (or even whether or not former developers that worked at the now shuttered Team Bondi are assisting in its development), but it sounds as if fans won’t be left scratching their heads at this mystery for much longer.

Robertson failed to disclose whether the unnamed sources at Rockstar are his or the site’s, but there’s no denying the quality of the information that the author has provided in the past. Most recently, the aforementioned gaming historian provided more details on the internal strife at BioWare, as well and how the bizarre facial animations of Mass Effect: Andromeda came to exist – amongst a slew of other gaming-related info drops.

LA Noire is currently available on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: WWG

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