LEGO Voltron Sets in the Works


Voltron: Defender of the Universe was one of the most beloved TV shows of the 1980s, and since Voltron‘s debut it has maintained a very strong following. Thankfully, fans of the titular Super Robot will now have something else Voltron-related to keep them happy, due to an announcement that there is going to be a Voltron-themed LEGO set on the way.

This news comes courtesy of the LEGO Ideas Review, which looked at multiple applicants through LEGO Ideas that aimed to become the next LEGO set and that had accumulated more than 10,000 supporters through the LEGO Ideas system. Out of twelve sets that were observed by the LEGO Review Board, the Voltron-themed set was chosen as a winner.

It’s easy to see why this Voltron set, from designer Leandro Tayag, was such a standout model with the board. It managed to gain those 10,000 required supporters over the space of just three weeks, with lots of love within the LEGO community for his creation. Made up of more than 2,100 pieces, and with the individual lions coming together to form Voltron as a whole, it truly is a sight to behold.

lego voltron

Tayag clearly put a lot of time and effort into creating this Voltron set, initially starting work on the project two years ago with the initial design. After putting the project down, Tayag then returned to the set in March, working on it for two hours every night over the space of three weeks. All that work is now going to pay off in the form of a real Voltron set.

A huge number of brilliant LEGO sets have been created by fans, and it’s always great to see them receive the approval of LEGO in an official capacity. In the next round of sets for approval are the likes of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers set and miniature versions of a variety of SEGA classic arcade machines, so it will be interesting to see if either of those comes out as a winner.

Of course, there are many more LEGO projects that are created without gaining approval, showcasing the creativity of the LEGO building scene as a whole. Whether it be a recreation of The Last of Us in LEGO form, or even a hugely impressive Hyrule Castle made out of LEGO, the sky is the limit for these builders.

Source: LEGO Ideas Blog

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