Limited Upside NBA Podcast: What’s behind the Timberwolves’ improvement?

Plus, Karl-Anthony Towns and expectations, Miami’s playoff bona fides, Steph Curry is STILL underrated, and, yes, some LaVar Ball talk.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are 26-16 and finally starting to hit their stride. All that angst about Tom Thibodeau’s methods, Karl-Anthony Towns’ progression, Jimmy Butler taking a backseat — that’s all gone, to the degree that it ever existed in the first place.

We felt now was a good time to check in on why the team’s thriving, where they’re going from here, and how we should be talking about their key players.

Topics this week include:

  • How the pie-in-the-sky expectations for the Timberwolves’ young core has warped our ability to appreciate their recent success and slower progression.
  • Why Jimmy Butler has been much better recently, and how the absence of Jeff Teague and the promotion of Tyus Jones has helped.
  • Should we appreciate Karl-Anthony Towns more than we do? Why don’t we?
  • Mike and Alex engage in their regular Andrew Wiggins debate. We both acknowledge he’s been disappointing this year, so what’s the long-term plan with him considering they gave him a five-year maximum contract despite the presence of Butler?
  • Alex’s hot take this week: why the Heat would beat the Raptors in a playoff series. Mike vehemently disagreed. (Note: this was recorded before Tuesday night’s melee).
  • Stephen Curry is still underrated in Ben’s eyes.
  • Finally: should the Lakers be doing more to respond to LaVar Ball?

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