Mass Effect: Andromeda File Size Teased


BioWare has announced that its upcoming title Mass Effect: Andromeda will take up “at least 45, not more than 60” gigabytes on the hard drives of the PS4 and Xbox One, while the PC version will need around 55GB when installed. This may mean for some gamers that they’ll have to clean up their drive before downloading the new game, though as an upside it also could mean that the game is going to have a lot of things to explore.

The announcement regarding the file size was made on Twitter, together with the news that the developer is hard at work on a day-one patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

As file sizes go, the new Mass Effect is definitely on the hefty side of the spectrum, rivaling titles like The Witcher 3 — which needed just over 50GB — and Fallout 4, which needed just under 30GB. As both these games offered massive worlds to explore and something new to discover behind every corner, this could mean that Mass Effect: Andromeda will offer the same kind of immersion.

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The announced file size seems to be part of a larger trend where games are getting bigger and bigger, as graphics improve and sandboxes are designed in such a way that the average player can get lost in them for days. Though BioWare has said that Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t be an open-world game, the perspective of having an entire new galaxy to explore would explain why the game will take up more than one-tenth of the regular Xbox One’s hard drive.

How much space Mass Effect: Andromeda will exactly take up on the PS4 and Xbox One will be known on March 21 when the game launches worldwide. BioWare recently announced that the new Mass Effect has already gone gold and that they are working on possible DLCs for the game.

As it stands, the new installment of the beloved franchise is set to be a highly immersive experience, with life-like companions, thrilling combat, and beautiful scenery. It seems it will be well worth cleaning up a console’s internal storage for.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to launch on March 21, 2017 for PC, PS 4, and Xbox One.

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