Massive LEAK Confirms Multiple Galaxy Note 8 Features


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 new features detailed

A new Twitter account dubbed PoyocoTech claims to have exclusive details of the Galaxy Note 8’s design. We’ve no idea if this source is legitimate or not, but for now, giving it the benefit of the doubt, the new details are very intriguing.

PoyocoTech says the Galaxy Note 8 will feature the same overall design language as the Galaxy S8 series – not a massive surprise – including a larger Infinity Display; which means curved, wrap-around EDGE display Super AMOLED with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio. So far, nothing new. Other repeats of existing rumours are the dual-camera sensor and a fingerprint scanner under the display glass.

However, they add that Samsung will allegedly “attempt to perfect their design by having uniformly aligned ports.”

Apparently the rear camera placement and layout will be similar to the Galaxy Note 3 – and PoyocoTech even provides a side-by-side render of a mock-up of the Galaxy Note 8 next to the Galaxy Note 3 for comparison purposes.


The tipster also claims stereo AKG speakers will be installed on-board, the S-Pen stylus will apparently be similar to the Galaxy Note 7’s design but with “minor improvements”, and the Bixby button will be changed from the Galaxy S8’s design to now feature a textured surface.

“The new S Pen will have built-in vibrator and can be located using Find My Mobile app in Galaxy devices,” the source added, meaning if you lose the S-Pen you can use the Find My Mobile app to find it. Neat stuff.

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