More OnePlus 5T Design & Camera Leaks


The OnePlus 5T is leaking all over the shop – The OnePlus 5T has gone from being in development, to axed, and back into development again in a very short space of time, and now that we have apparent confirmaton that it is indeed going to launch the leaks just can’t stop, won’t stop.

The latest couple of leaks reveal a bit more of the OnePlus 5T design, showing the top half of the phone, as well as a photo allegedly taken on the handset’s camera hinting at an apparent “Portrait Mode”.

The first leak comes via reliable source Evan Blass, aka @evleaks on Twitter, it’s a product render, which being from Blass is likely official from the handset promotional material. We get a good clear view of the edge-to-edge 18:9 aspect ratio display.

The second leak is not so much a leak, it’s a Tweet from OnePlus CEO Carl Pei. Pei Tweeted, “What phone is he taking that photo with?…”, strongly hinting that it’s the OnePlus 5T, with the image showing a photo of a woman captured in what appears to be a Portrait Mode.

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