NFL picks 2017, Week 10: Experts see Bears and Steelers as locks


A lot of lopsided matchups this week.

Before we launch into this week’s picks, I’ve got to give a shout out to the computer. Oh noble machine, we honor you by bending the knee to your digital superiority. You are the one true lord of the realm for NFL picks … for this week anyway.

Yes, the computer beat us all last week. It was right about the Jets, where most of us were wrong. The sentient brain also channeled its procession of 1s and 0s into correct picks for the Cowboys and the Raiders, two other games the majority of us whiffed.

Science fiction writers have painted a dystopian future where we are all replaced by machines. At first, it’s a friendly necessity, a way to make life easier, more convenient. And before you know it, we’re all bound up in digital servitude. I, for one, welcome our computer overlords, mostly because I’m a total suck up.

But I’m totally cool with a series of algorithms picking NFL games for me.

On to Week 10!

We all missed on the Seahawks, even the computer. Doug Baldwin probably scored a little too soon when he crossed the goal line with less than two minutes left. This week, only one member of our panel is picking against them, but it’s a fairly safe bet considering they play the Cardinals.

I never thought I’d see the day when the Bears were so heavily favored over the Packers. It’s not just a slight lean among the majority of our panelists, it’s everyone. After watching the Lions tear apart Green Bay’s defense, it’s clear that losing Aaron Rodgers isn’t the only thing that’s going to sink their season. I’m honestly shocked at just how bad the Packers are without Rodgers. He’s masked years of underwhelming drafting and poor coaching.

That’s not the only team getting unanimous support this week. The Titans look like a lock over the Bengals. The Steelers should easily dispatch the Colts, and nobody’s silly enough to believe the Browns might actually beat the Lions this week.

The Bucs and Jets are another mismatch. Never thought the Jets would be an easy pick to win, but here we are. I’m sure we’re all very excited for the Josh McCown vs. Ryan Fitzpatrick matchup, too.

Could the 49ers lock down their first win this week? They might. The Giants are not a very good team, in case you hadn’t noticed. There’s a lot of hopelessness in this game, but the 49ers probably need a win more than the Giants to avoid ignominy. If they lose, they’ll be the first team eliminated from the playoffs with seven weeks to go since 1967.

OK, a little reminder about the rules. We give our panelists one chance to re-pick up to two games by the end of the week. That accounts for injuries, suspensions, etc. Computer picks come via OddsShark.

This week’s guest picker is none other than Ed Valentine from Big Blue View, SB Nation’s home for all things Giants. It’s been a rough season for the fans over there, so join me in making an offering to the almighty computer to ask for mercy on behalf of all the Giants fans.

And lest I be replaced by the machine for excessive copy, here are this week’s picks.

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