NFL power rankings 2017: Tracking where teams are entering Week 12


The Philadelphia Eagles still reign supreme in the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles, once again, are on top of every power rankings list. Philadelphia is the class of the NFC, and it is primed to make the Super Bowl this season. However, the Eagles aren’t the only team that is dominating the competition this season. The Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have been dominant this season, too.

At 9-1, the Eagles are listed as the No. 1 team on Yahoo Sports’ power rankings. And the Patriots, Saints, Steelers, and Vikings are in the top. All five teams walk away victorious in Week 11. Also, the Los Angeles Rams and Atlanta Falcons remain in the top 10.

ESPN’s power rankings look similar to Yahoo Sports’, but the Jacksonville Jaguars climbed up to No. 7 on that list. And the Seattle Seahawks remain in the top 10.

Once again, the Eagles are the top team on SB Nation’s Hope Rankings list. But the Detroit Lions climbed up to the top 10 — and the Saints and Patriots are still in the top 5. This isn’t a normal power rankings list. Instead, this list gives fans an idea of which team SB Nation believes has the most hope heading into Week 12.

Well, the Cleveland Browns are at the bottom of nearly every power rankings list. And it looks like they’ll stay there for the rest of the season. At 0-10, the Browns are the only winless team left this season.

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