Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Will Go Live at NYC Store on Jan 13th

Nintendo reveals that Switch console pre-orders will go live at its New York based store on January 13th at 9am, but there is no word if online retailers will follow

Although retailers and inside sources are trying their best to leak the Nintendo Switch price ahead of time, most are treating the rumors with heavy doses of skepticism. They know that on January 12th, Nintendo is going to make everything official, by hopefully revealing a Nintendo Switch release date and how much the console will cost. Now that hope seems more like a reality, as Nintendo has announced plans to take pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch at its Nintendo Store in New York City.

Pre-orders will be live on site on January 13th at 9am local time (EST), but keep in mind this is only for the NYC Nintendo store. This does not mean that pre-orders will go live at online or brick-and-mortar retailers at the same time. It is entirely possible that this will kick off global Nintendo Switch pre-orders, but Nintendo has not said anything official.

Moreover, those who do plan on making the trek to the NYC Nintendo Store should be aware that supplies will be limited according to Nintendo. Whether that’s limited in the vein of the NES Classic, which was nearly impossible to find this past holiday season, or limited in a typical current-gen console release fashion is unclear, but expect there to be lines and expect for pre-orders to sell out at some point.

The good news here is that Nintendo will be taking pre-orders after their big 2017 Nintendo Switch event. This suggests that the Switch manufacturer will, at the very least, announce a price and release date for the console – most retailers don’t start taking pre-orders for consoles without such information. It’s also possible that online retailers might start taking pre-orders even earlier, perhaps as soon as Nintendo reveals a price and release date during its stream.


As far as what else might be revealed tomorrow is anyone’s guess, but most expect a closer look at some new Nintendo Switch games, like a new Mario game and maybe an updated version of Mario Kart 8. It would also put fans at ease if Nintendo confirmed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s release date alongside the Switch, as there have been rumors that the title might slip into later 2017.

Truthfully, there is a lot up in the air regarding the Nintendo Switch, but that should change within the next day or two. Given what Nintendo is willing to say ahead of time, it’s a fair assumption that the event on January 12th will feature a lot more info then the initial Nintendo Switch trailer was willing to let on at the time.

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