Nokia Re-Brands Withings As New Smart Health Arm: Announces THREE New Products


20/06/2017 – 1:13pm

Withings is now branded as Nokia with the debut of three new smart health products

Nokia’s already re-entered the smartphone space inside 2017, although this is a branding exercise with partner firm HMD being granted use of the Nokia name in its production of Android phones. Nonetheless, the firm is back, and it’s not anywhere near finished when it comes to making waves.

Next up on the agenda is apparently smart health and wellness hardware and software. A little while back Nokia acquired health tech firm Withings and is now apparently setting its plans in motion. As of today, June 20, the Withings name is being replaced with the Nokia brand.

And with that, Nokia, the health brand, has announced three new products; a digital blood pressure monitor, a set of Wi-Fi-enabled BMI smart scales, and a dedicated app to tie everything together.

The scale is called Nokia Body and anyone familiar with Withings existing lined of smart scales will see that it fits right in with the product line; however, in order to accomodate this there has been a bit of a re-shuffle. The existing Withings Body scale, which measures body fat, is now the Nokia Body Plus, while the Withings Body Cardio is now the Nokia Body Cardio; which measures bodyfat and analyses cardiovascular health.

The Nokia Body Cardio and Nokia Body Plus cost over $100, but Nokia is positioning the Nokia Body as a more affordable option at $59.95/£55, but at this reduced price you’re only getting a weight reading and BMI analysis, if you want the more advanced features you’ll have to shell out the bigger bucks for the superior models!

But the advantage of it being a smart scale is still there – it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to sync it with smartphones and tablets and the accompanying application.

The Nokia BPM+ is the blood pressure monitor, featuring a soft cuff design to make it more comfortable and portable than earlier Withings blood pressure monitors.

The BPM+ measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate, and it is both FDA-cleared and CE medical approved. The RRP is $129.95/£115.

Then there’s the health app which ties this all together – Nokia Health Mate. It’s a complete ground-up app build rather than re-hashing any existing suite, and as well as working with all new Nokia products it is backwards compatible with all existing Withings products. 

Nokia has tried to keep the app interface as minimalist and intuitive as possible, to make it easy to use for all-comers. Your important health data is accessed through a series of five tabs, which also allow you to track progress over time. The big selling point here, however, is a series of custom health programs Nokia has embedded in the software; you can use these to hone in on your specific fitness, weight, and health targets in a structured way.

The programs are Sleep Smarter, Better Body, Pregnancy Tracker, Healthier Heart and the Leaderboard. More progams will be released in the future, and Nokia says that each one has been developed in collaboration with health professionals.

These new products will be available immediately via, Amazon, BestBuy, and Bed Bath & Beyond, but availability will be expanded to further reatilers soon, including Apple stores, Target, and CVS.

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