Note 7 production reportedly paused as Samsung fails to fix flammable phablet

Reports in South Korea indicate that Samsung is pausing production of the Note 7 amid continued safety fears

It all seemed to be going so well for Samsung. The South Korean firm’s handsets were getting universally glowing reviews across the board, Apple was struggling to convince people of the wonders of life without a headphone jack, and the Galaxy Note series was so missed in Europe that people had signed petitions demanding its return. What better time to launch a brilliant phablet in Britain?

It delivered. The phablet reviewed brilliantly. Then the explosions started.

Samsung, it has to be said, initially did the right thing. It halted sales, and triggered a worldwide recall until the rogue battery issue could be fixed, replacing every Note 7 free of charge. But now at least three replacement Note 7 devices have caught fire in a week.

Some networks have had enough. In the US, both AT&T and T-Mobile have said they will stop replacing the Note 7, and the latter has, for the moment at least, given up on it completely, saying: “while Samsung investigates multiple reports of issues, T-Mobile is temporarily suspending all sales of the new Note 7 and exchanges for replacement Note 7 devices.” AT&T meanwhile is advising customers to trade in their handsets for other devices.

Could it be the end of the road for the troubled phablet? Well, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reports that Samsung has paused production of further Note 7 handsets. The move, revealed by an unnamed official, is only cited as a temporary measure, but it’s hard to imagine the handset having much life left in it if safety concerns can’t be convincingly resolved.

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