OnePlus 5T Camera UPDATED But Can It Beat The Google Pixel 2?

OnePlus has amped up the OnePlus 5T’s camera, but how does it compare to the Google’s Pixel 2 series?

A lot of people, including our very own Richard Goodwin, are raving about the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL’s camera capabilities, with many claiming they’re the best smartphone cameras on the current market.

The thing is, it’s not even the imaging hardware on the Pixel 2 series that is so special, it’s more a combination of Google’s experimenting with clever imaging software and combining it with HDR+ and AI algorithms – the result is pretty stunning to say the least, and now everyone wants a slice of that pie.

To that end, OnePlus has issued a software update for the OnePlus 5T (update 4.7.4) to improve the phone’s camera – the main aim was to improve low-light shooting, but it seems to have amped things up across the board, as a user on Imgur has shown in a side-by-side comparison of landscape shots.

Sure, these are not extremely low light conditions, but they are somewhat low light at dawn/dusk, and importantly you can see the OnePlus 5T image comes out brighter and somewhat more crisp, although we can’t verify which has the more natural colour.

It’s the same story in some of the other images; the OnePlus 5T actually captures more detail, has better contrast and dynamic range, and generally offers a more balanced image. Not always, but enough.

Check out the full gallery for more comparison shots.

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