OnePlus 5T Rumoured: Will It Launch? What Specs Might It Have?

OnePlus 5T Rumoured – OnePlus could launch an upgraded OnePlus 5T, according to rumours

OnePlus recently launched the OnePlus 5 to much critical acclaim, although it’s worth noting that it’s the most expensive OnePlus handset to date, but even so, offers a lot of high-end tech for a price that undercuts most other similarly specced lead flagship rivals.

But now there’s a rumour that the firm may be prepping a new edition, dubbed the OnePlus 5T. The naming convention echoes OnePlus’ last-gen launch pattern where it launched the OnePlus 3 and followed it with a modified OnePlus 3T with a few changes and a superior spec. This was the first time OnePlus had done such a thing.

Now with the OnePlus 5T rumours, it’s alleged that one key spec change seen in the previous generation won’t be repeated this time around. While the OnePlus 3 shipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip, the OnePlus 3T used the upgraded Snapdragon 821. However, according to the rumour mill the OnePlus 5T won’t used the new Snapdragon 836 – which is expected inside Google’s Pixel 2 phones – but will plump for the same Snapdragon 835 seen in the existing OnePlus 5.

That’s according to Android Headlines, which also quotes a source which claims a OnePlus 5T is definitley on the way “in the coming months”.

The report goes on to add that the use of a Snapdragon 835 may be due to the fact that the CPU has seen supply shortages inside 2017 where Samsung purchased most of the stock it produced on Qualcomm’s behalf; this meant rival devices launched in the first half of the year ended up hitting the market with last year’s chips.

“OnePlus’s supposed decision to ship the OnePlus 5T with the Snapdragon 835 as opposed to the Snapdragon 836 may be a cost-effectiveness move, with the company slowly evolving its product strategy in an effort to grow into a sustainable business, as evidenced by the fact that both variants of the newly announced OnePlus 5 are more expensive than the OnePlus 3 which started at $439,” said the report.

It goes on to note that with the OnePlus 3T, as well as a CPU upgrade, it also boosted the battery cell by an additional 400mAh (up to 3,400mAh).

So what do we make of this? Well, as a OnePlus 5T is rumoured we can’t rule out the possibility of one being launched. Personally, I thought the OnePlus 3T was an unwise business decision on OnePlus’ part, but one which the company somehow got a way with. It may well go for the same play again, and I still think it’s a bad idea.

Why? Well, the OnePlus 3 came out in June 2016. The OnePlus 3T came out in November. OnePlus 3 owners literally had a mere five months before their handsets were replaced by a superior edition which had clearly been planned well in advance. If I were in this situation, I’d be pissed off. For some reason, at least to my knowledge, OnePlus 3 owners didn’t seem to mind.

Could OnePlus find it bites them in the ass if they pull the same trick again? Possibly. At the very least this kind of repeated launch staggering tends to get consumers to respond passively, as in, fans will just stop buying the solid number updates (OnePlus 5, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 7) and instead wait for the subsequent “T” editions to get the best spec. This will crash and burn OnePlus sales for the regular models, which, even if the “T” editions sell well, is not something any firm would want on its product spreadsheets; a deadweight device no-one buys.

There is some gossip on the OnePlus forums surrounding the OnePlus 5T, speculating whether or not it will become reality, with commentators discussing the addition of a bigger battery and water resistance.

And immediately, one post in, there’s already the kind of backlash I just outlined.

“I hope not, especially seen as the price hike for the oneplus5. I would like to see them tweak this phone to be the best it can be. Releasing a 5t would be a huge kick in the teeth to us users who have parted with our money and put faith in oneplus,” said one forum user.

Another said, “I am looking into buying a OnePlus 5 but I’m concerned that months after I buy the OnePlus 5 there will be a release of a 5t. Last year I purchased a 3 only 5 months later there was a 3t. Will this happen again?”

Others commented that the OnePlus 5 price hike has already “hurt” the fanbase.

Assuming the story about the phone not using a Snapdragon 836 is correct, that would mean the OnePlus 5T would need to be upgraded quite significantly in other ways. It is true, however, that not using a new CPU could be a cost saving measure, allowing OnePlus to put more investment into the camera, display, and battery. It’s possible a OnePlus 5T could stick with the Snapdragon 835 and instead feature waterproofing, a bigger battery, a QHD edge-to-edge full-screen display (like the Samsung Infinity Display), and a significantly improved camera.

The camera in particular is something OnePlus may seek to upgrade as the last few launches (both the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5) have seen some negative feedback regarding the imaging performance.

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