Nintendo 2DS review | Expert Reviews

The Nintendo 2DS was, in some ways, an expected arrival for Nintendo’s popular 3DS handheld. Nintendo threw everyone a curveball with its arrival as nobody expected Nintendo to strip out the 3DS’s headline feature and clamshell design for this mid-generation refresh. Yes that’s right, as its name implies, the Nintendo 2DS eschews the 3DS’ 3D technology in […]

Gary Fong SnootSkin for Lightsphere Collapsible

Gary Fong has introduced the new SnootSkin, which instantly converts the Lightsphere Collapsible light shaper into a snoot. The black lining of the SnootSkin blocks light from spilling through the sides of the flash, allowing light to be isolated and directed precisely. For more precise spot lighting, a grid insert is included for an even […]

Alienware AW2518H monitor review

THE ALIENWARE BRAND has long been synonymous with high-end, albeit pricey, pre-built gaming desktops and laptops, but over the last few months Dell (which bought Alienware in 2006) has moved the brand towards the accessories market. At IFA this year, we heard how Alienware plans to “own the room” with mice, keyboards and monitors in addition […]

Apple's iPhone X OLED Display Examined

Paul Briden 18/09/2017 – 3:46pm The iPhone X's standout feature is the OLED display, but what's all the fuss about? The Apple iPhone 8 has just launched, except it’s not the iPhone 8, it’s the iPhone X. “X” of course, being the Roman numeral for 10, as it’s the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone. […]