PAPN: Quietest. Offseason. Ever.


This dumb Lincoln Riley/Georgia argument is proof that this offseason hasn’t given us anything good to fight about.

After a couple of weeks off, PAPN HAS RETURNED. Pretend like you noticed we were gone.


  • Nothing is more prone to overthinking than a soccer shootout
  • Making hockey nets bigger and goalpost width smaller
  • Lincoln Riley is going to be an SEC Media Days topic, and it’s infuriating
  • Paul Finebaum, the Big Ten, and a quick Birmingham radio history lesson
  • The ass end of the Big Ten is improving quickly
  • Chalky, chalky P5 power rankings
  • Wait, how seriously are we supposed to be taking WVU?
  • Bill wants to fight Dana Holgorsen
  • Jeff Long’s love affair with big, dumb manball
  • Arkansas’ path to six wins
  • Super awkward coach-AD relationships
  • Behold, as we argue about Paul Johnson’s ceiling again
  • Would a P5 conference kick a member out?
  • Jeremy Pruitt’s making Florida his Super Bowl
  • Would MAC schools welome North Dakota State?
  • Does Auburn’s 2017 season prove that the Tigers shouldn’t schedule quality OOC opponents? Or that they can overcome it, so go for it?

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