Pokemon GO Could Add Pokemon Centers


Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Niantic CEO John Hanke hinted that Pokemon Centers could be introduced to Pokemon GO in a future update.

Pokemon GO has been available for a matter of weeks, but it’s already become a huge international hit. Now, players are eager to hear what the future holds for the game — and Niantic CEO John Hanke seems only too eager to offer some teases and hints.

Hanke appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend to address a horde of Pokemon trainers and GO devotees. One of the most interesting tidbits from his session was a hint that the game might soon add a staple of the mainline Pokemon series; Pokemon Centers.

For the uninitiated, Pokemon Centers supply trainers with a quick and easy way of healing all the monsters that are currently part of their squad. At present, GO players have to rely on potions to heal their creatures, which can cause problems if there aren’t plenty of Pokestops nearby to offer up more items.

Given that Pokemon GO allows players to keep plenty more Pokemon on hand at a given time than previous titles in the series, it makes sense that a way of healing them all at once would be added. However, there’s no word as of yet as to how this system would be implemented.

Pokemon go map poke stops and gym

Hanke also mentioned the possibility of introducing items that could modify a Pokestop, in much the same way that a lure module works at present. It could well be a that a different kind of module could be used by players to transform a Pokestop into a functioning Pokemon Center.

It’s difficult to determine exactly what direction Niantic is heading in with the game, largely because Pokemon GO has only been available for a matter of weeks. However, one thing is very clear — the studio has big plans for the future.

Hanke noted that the current version of Pokemon GO only accounts for about 10% of the experience that his team are looking to deliver, according to a report from Kotaku. With features like Pokemon trading already confirmed, it’s just a matter of how quickly Niantic can tackle its current server issues and move on to introducing new content.

This is all great news for players who are currently obsessed with the app — but it remains to be seen whether the game’s popularity will endure long enough for Niantic to follow through.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS in select regions.

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