Pokemon GO Testing Level 5 Raids?


As Niantic rolls out the updated Pokemon GO Gym system and launches the first Battle Raids this weekend, there is a ton of new information to unpack and analyze. Players have already started collecting data about which bosses are available from each egg and the best strategies for defeating each. Although no level 5 Battle Raids have been confirmed at this point, a new rumor suggests Niantic is testing the events in the live environment.

Pokemon GO players have been assuming that level 5 Raids will feature Legendary Pokemon, but so far that hasn’t been officially confirmed by the developer. Despite the lack of official word, the Reddit community is still buzzing with theories and a new screenshot supposedly captured by a player is adding fuel to fire.

Here’s a look at the reported level 5 Raid test…


The original poster claims that he or she saw a level five Battle Raid alert that seemed to be a test. After refreshing, it was gone. Right off the bat, there are a few strange things in the screenshot that may suggest there’s a bit of Photoshop going on.

For starters, there’s a lot of inconsistency. The Raid tracker says that there are three Raids nearby, but then there are only two shown. In addition to that, the message below the two Raids says, “There are no raids nearby.” Usually that message disappears when there are active Raids on the radar.

We’re not putting a whole lot of stock into this screenshot, but knowing how weird Niantic can be sometimes, we also aren’t completely ruling it out as fake. The Battle Raids updates seem to be happening on a very quick basis, so we’ll continue to monitor the situation as we wait for the first official level 5 Raid to appear.

Do you think the level 5 raid screenshot is legit or a fake? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is currently available on Android and iOS devices in select regions.

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