Pokemon Sun & Moon Players Finally Complete a Global Mission


After twice failing to complete a global mission, Pokemon Sun and Moon players finally succeed in the game’s latest event centered around the Global Trading System.

Despite high hopes for Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s first ever global mission, players failed to reach their target of catching 100 million Pokemon during the event’s run. When round two came a few months later, there was a chance for redemption. Unfortunately, it was not much different, and Sun and Moon players completely failed their second global mission as well. Many had believed the next attempt would result in a three-peat loss, but Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon players proved them wrong by successfully completing their third global mission this week.

Though it may not initially seem all that noteworthy, this accomplishment marks the very first instance in which the games’ community has secured a win in a worldwide event since its launch in November 2016. It wasn’t for lack of difficulty or an all-around easier target to hit, however. Players were tasked with trading 1 million Pokemon in just 14 days, utilizing the games’ Global Trade System (or GTS). Not only did these determined fans reach their goal, they did it in record time, hitting the impressive milestone in 4 short days.

With 10 days to spare, Pokemon Sun and Moon players participating in the games’ third global mission can shift their attention and efforts to bonus targets that will grant them bonus rewards — and rightfully so. The next milestone to pass is 2 million total Pokemon traded through the GTS. If users can reach that before 12:00am on February 14, they will be rewarded with a Friend Ball, a special type of Pokeball that increases the happiness of any Pokemon caught with it. Very fitting, as both the trainers and the creatures will be pleased if the goal is reached.

Amidst the celebration following this success, many have argued that one important question still remains: “Why have Sun and Moon players repeatedly failed global missions in the past?” A popular speculation has pointed to the games’ Global Link feature, as countless players have experienced functionality and connectivity issues when attempting to utilize it in-game. Combine errors with the feature’s heavy inclusion in past global missions, and it clearly spelt out trouble.

Others have cited difficulties with registration. Many have claimed they could not gain access to their Pokemon Trainer Accounts that connect them to the Pokemon Global Link, which allows them to enter and update their information when participating in global missions. This might also help explain why so few players were actually taking part in these worldwide events, despite overwhelmingly positive responses and record-setting sales for Sun and Moon.

pokemon sun moon global mission complete

While the third time appeared to be the charm Pokemon Sun and Moon players were looking for, it has not been 100% positive in the games’ community. Recently, nearly 6,000 Sun and Moon accounts were banned from online activity following reports of players having altered save data. For some, the Pokemon Sun and Moon hack ban has put a dent in the games’ reputation, but the Pokemon Company has promised to crack down and implement additional restrictions to prevent any further cheating attempts. Players finally completing a global mission might just be the good news needed to help turn things back around.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are available now for Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS.

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