Poll results: Samsung’s best smartphone ever


The Samsung Galaxy S8 has stolen the hearts of many with its high-end specs and elegant, modern design. It’s at the very top of our list of the best smartphones of the moment, and we endeavored to find out if our readers think it might be the best Samsung phone ever. Here are the results.

The best Samsung phone ever

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the undisputed winner of the poll. The majority of AndroidPIT users who voted have definitely been swayed by its impressive design, build quality and performance. But, some users weren’t totally convinced of its merits, citing the “useless” assistant button, Samsung bloatware and UI, plus the fragile glass body.

While no other devices came close, the top two alternatives were the S8’s predecessor, the Galaxy S7 with 12 percent of the vote, and the fan favorite Note 4 with 14 percent. There’s no doubt that the Note 8 will be in a position to challenge the S8’s popularity, and we’re eagerly awaiting its debut.

best samsung phone poll results galaxy s8
The Note 8 may shake up these numbers soon. / © AndroidPIT

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