Rocket League is Crossing Over with WWE

Since its inception, Rocket League has crossed over with a number of other franchises and IP. Now the next crossover for the popular soccer-with-cars game has been revealed. This spring, Rocket League fans will be able to unlock content based on professional wrestling company WWE.

This is thanks to a continuation of the partnership between Rocket League developer Psyonix and the sports entertainment giant. As anyone that has watched WWE in recent months will know, Rocket League has served as the sponsor for a number of WWE events, including January’s Royal Rumble and this past Sunday’s Elimination Chamber.

We aren’t quite sure what kinds of WWE-themed items fans can expect to unlock, but Psyonix will be revealing more details this coming April. In fact, Rocket League will actually have a booth at WrestleMania 34, which takes place on April 8, and will mark yet another WWE event sponsored by the game.


Not only will Rocket League fans be able to look forward to in-game WWE content, but those that watch professional wrestling can expect to see the game represented more frequently in WWE programming. This will include appearances on WWE’s gaming channel UpUpDownDown.

WWE’s collaboration with Rocket League seems like one of the most extensive crossovers yet, but it’s far from the first crossover in the game. We’ve already seen Rocket League crossover with a number of other properties, ranging from Fast and the Furious to Super Mario, and those collaborations should give fans an idea of what to expect once WWE content is added to the game later this year.

As Rocket League‘s popularity persists and continues to grow, fans can expect to see the game crossover with even more franchises in the future. In the meantime, those looking forward to the WWE content can expect all to be revealed by the time WrestleMania 34 rolls around on April 8.

Rocket League is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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