Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may stop charging on December 15 in the US


Samsung may just have decided to prevent all Galaxy Note 7 devices still being used in the US from being able to charge. This change would start on December 15. A previous software update in the US had already limited charging to 60 percent capacity.

This information comes from one device owner who says he got a message on his device saying that, “as of December 15, Samsung will modify the software to prevent the Galaxy Note 7 from charging. The phone will no longer work.” The veracity of the message hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung or US Cellular, his device carrier, as of yet.

Cutting off all charging in the US comes on the heels of news from Australia, New Zealand and Canada that all cellular connectivity will be cut for the devices on the same date, December 15.

There are about 285,000 Note 7 devices still in customers’ hands in the US, according to Samsung’s last word on November 4.

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Of all the Note 7 devices sold in the US, around 85 percent have been returned so far. We suspect that number of devices left in the wild will dramatically decrease, since those holding out for good news will likely give up once their smartphones are rendered nearly useless.

Why do you think the rest of the Note 7’s haven’t been returned yet? What smartphone are you wanting to buy instead of the Note 7 this Christmas?

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