Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could borrow one of the iPhone’s best features


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 could introduce a feature akin to the iPhone’s pressure sensitive 3D Touch display tech, according to new reports.

The Investor says the phablet’s display will use both hardware and software to recognise how hard a user is pressing on the display.

This could be used to achieve tasks like accessing shortcuts from app icons, or zooming in on photos, the report says.

Samsung introduced a similar solution within the Galaxy S8.

The market-leading Android handset shelved a traditional home button. Instead it included a trio of pressure-sensitive home, back and multitasking keys at the bottom of the display.

Whether this will be extended to the entire display within the Galaxy Note 8 remains to be seen.

3D Touch, then known by its rather creepy title of Force Touch, arrived with the iPhone 6s back in 2015.

Since then Apple has included it in all new handsets, while the feature has been mimicked in pure Android phones like the Google Pixel series.

Two weeks away

The Galaxy Note 8 is highly likely to be revealed two weeks from today on Wednesday August 23.

Earlier today a leaked roadmap for the handset revealed pre-orders will commence on September 1 and last until September 10.

The official release date will be September 15, according to the report, which outlined the South Korean timeline.

However, it’s not yet clear whether this roadmap will be repeated in other territories.

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