Samsung stops Galaxy S8 Oreo update with no explanation


Samsung has just pulled the plug on the Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ without any announcement or explanation. We’ve reached out to Samsung, and it refuses to comment on the matter. What could possibly be going on?

After first rolling out to beta program members, the Android 8.0 update began rolling out to regular users’ devices earlier this week in select markets like Germany, France, Norway and some others. There were even public plans to bring the update to the Netherlands next week. But, the Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 has now been stopped and the update files have been removed from Samsung’s servers, according to the latest report from SamMobile and its undisclosed source at Samsung. 

Why pull the update? There’s a couple possibilities we can think of. A fatal flaw could have been discovered in the update. Sometimes, even after months of beta testing, there can still be severe undiscovered issues lingering. We’ve had comments in our German forum (German users were the first to be able to try out the update) saying the update has caused serious battery issues.

Another possibility, albeit less likely, is that Samsung might have taken this step due to the build number. The update rolled out with the apparently prophetic build number “G950 / G955-FXXU1CRAP”. That’s right, “CRAP”. Stopping the update just because of this would be a bit overkill, but then again, why send your users crap in the first place?

Whether it was because of undiscovered serious issues with the update or because of the decidedly less serious build number, clearly Samsung slipped up and sent an update to users that wasn’t up to par. We reached out to Samsung, got the unsatisfying response that Samsung doesn’t comment on software updates.

So, there was no announcement of the stop to the update, and now there’s no explanation or acknowledgement of the issue. There must have been something wrong enough with the update for it to deserve being pulled, but do those who have already updated not deserve an explanation of what the problem is? What about those who have been eagerly awaiting the update and now have to wait even longer?

Galaxy S8 devices already updated to Oreo can continue using it as usual since the update isn’t being recalled or replaced yet. SamMobile’s source says Samsung is working on a new firmware version to be released soon, though it’s unclear how soon exactly.

Have you gotten the Oreo update on your S8 device? Have you been experiencing any problems? Let us know in the comments.

This article was written with contributions from Hans-Georg Kluge.

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