Samsung will reveal cause of Note 7 battery problem before 2017


Samsung will reveal the cause of the problems that led to it recalling 4.3 million Note 7 handsets from sale around the world due to the risk of fire before the end of the year, according to the Korea Herald. The decision follows a fresh investigation started earlier this month. 

The now-familiar story of Samsung’s Note 7 battery problems may be widely known, but the cause of so many handsets exploding still hasn’t been revealed by Samsung, and it’s incredibly rare for a company to entirely withdraw a model from the market due to safety concerns. This lack of information, however, is set to change next month if the Korea Herald is correct. 

Making the cause of the problem would be a smart move from Samsung, if only to reassure investors and consumers that it fully identified and rectified the problem ahead of building new devices, like the Galaxy S8 expected to launch in March of next year.

According to the report, Samsung’s own investigation is looking into the cause of the failed batteries, and how that led so many phones to explode. The company will then decide what to do with all those recalled handsets.

Samsung is also reportedly considering a change in company structure. Read more about that in our recent article here.

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