Samsung’s blocking Note 7 handsets from connecting to Australian networks



Owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices that still haven’t returned them to Samsung in Australia are soon going to find they will be unable to access the networks for local mobile operators with these devices.

While it might seem odd that despite a global recall and the very real risk that the phones could catch fire at any moment, some people still haven’t swapped their old handsets for a different model in the hope of keeping hold of the Note 7. However, the announcement from Samsung Australia says they are working with local network providers to prevent the devices from connecting any more is pretty much the last nail in the coffin for the Note 7.

In theory, people could of course just use the Note 7 on Wi-Fi connections, but without the ability to make calls or receive any data it’s pretty limited in its ability as a mobile. Of course, Samsung Australia has already limited the maximum charge any of the outstanding phones can receive to 60 percent, so battery life isn’t going to be great either. Note 7 devices will be blocked from connecting to the networks as of December 15.

As one final incentive to get all the remaining handsets in the country returned, Samsung Australia is giving owners “a specific partner offer to the value of $250” in addition to an exchange for an S7, S7 Edge or a full refund. Handset owners that want that $250 gift will need to return the phones before December 22.

Samsung Australia’s offer of a new phone and a $250 gift is generous enough

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